About Us

Perdix Software, Inc. (est. 2015, Rochester NY) was founded by Steven L Smith and Jacob R Weidert.

Our Story

After co-founder Jake Weidert purchased OTEX Protective, a protective equipment manufacturing company, from his uncle in 2013, he and his former BookDecay.com business partner, Steve Smith, realized the need for a better operations management solution for manufacturing. Separate systems for ERP, quality control, documentation, and CRM are a hassle, and the lack of communication and compatibility between systems created unnecessary obstacles in Jake's operation. After looking at the current market offerings and seeing that there was no one software solution that would address all of the business requirements, Steve suggested that they make their own — marking the inception of MOLI. Perdix Software's signature product, MOLI, is an information processing system for digital manufacturing. Through her kiosks located at workcenters throughout facilities, MOLI is able to manage and augment jobs, employees, information, communication, and documentation.

In 2015, Perdix Software was one of 11 participants in High Tech Rochester’s HTR LaunchPad program. Later that year, the Company participated in the TEN Boot Camp, a joint venture of The Entrepreneur’s Network, High Tech Rochester, and Monroe County.

Perdix Software maintains memberships with NextCorps (formerly High Tech Rochester) and the MedTech Association.

The company's sole product is MOLI™, the Multi-Operation Lean Intelligence System™.

What is Perdix?

The Perdix Software team develops and supports MOLI and provides consulting services and training designed to guide manufacturing through the digital transition. We work alongside you to develop and build a single digitalization platform that elevates and optimizes your entire operation.

But why Perdix?

In Greek mythology, Perdix (a.k.a. Icarus's brother; Icarus, the dude who flew too close to the sun) was a clever student of the mechanical arts.

One day, while walking on the seashore, he picked up the spine of a fish, and had an idea... he took a piece of iron and notched it on the edge, and invented the saw. Then, putting two and two together (literally), he invented the scissors.

Perdix was the first to see a simple invention that could benefit everyone.

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Our Team

Steven L Smith
Steven L Smith
Co-Founder and CEO
Jacob R. Weidert
Jacob R. Weidert
Co-Founder and C2PO
Zachary Kruchoski
Zachary Kruchoski
Principal Engineer

Thomas M Rigney
Thomas M Rigney
UX Lead

Board of Advisors

Kevin DiVico

Special Projects

Suzanne Bell, MLS

Research Advisor

Zack Butler, Ph.D.

AI & Robotics Advisor

Our Location

Trailblazed by Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb, the Rochester, NY area is known as the imaging capitol of the world.

These companies ignited a boom of manufacturing throughout the 20th century — building on a legacy of water-powered automation and modern flour mills along the Genesee River. These mills and the surrounding countryside gave Rochester the moniker “Flour City”.

As the number of mills declined, the city re-exemplified itself as the “Flower City” — celebrated with the annual Lilac Festival in Highland Park.

Rochester's manufacturing industry has evolved and today boasts a thriving high-technology and manufacturing sector — perfect for enabling Industry 4.0.